New blog location

11 Sep

New blog location

I decided to change of blogging host, follow now my adventures on Tumblr!

Inga Wind mini hunt

11 Sep iw_minihunt_001

Today I did the Inga Wind mini hunt. The prizes are not great for what i’m used to wear, I will certainly delete most of them, but it was fun to seek.

Some gifts where not easy to find, the clue was not that clear, but globally the text was fun and the clues interesting to unscramble.

The last extra gift, different than the first 9, was also funny to find, although not as hard as mentioned in the final clue assembled from words in the previous ones.

Zoul Creations

9 Sep

zoulskin_001A skin store I have just discovered by the way of Rayne Morgan’s blog. For now there are not much skins available, and the demos are not of great help because of demo inscriptions put all over the body, and I suppose, with deliberately down quality of the body skin, relatively to the quality of the face

Too bad, because even if the skins look great, and come in all makeup variations included for less than L$1000, I wont buy a skin without being sure the whole body fulfill my needs. Anyway, here are the 4 skins I have tried with the Tone 5 (the skins are available in 7 tones). You will notice the variations are very light between them, the main differences being on the eyes and lips shape.

Adriana zoulskin_adriana2

Tyra zoulskin_tyra2

Sasha zoulskin_sasha

Kim zoulskin_kim2

Leather Or Lace Hunt #2

9 Sep

A reminder for myself.

Adult hunt from October 7 to October 28, organized by K&D Hunt Group.



Starting it

7 Sep

Starting it

Get used to my virtual face…


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